the view from behind my desk


The idea for this collection came to me whilst preparing Sounding the View for the House Warming Party at Tate Britain on November 23rd 2013. After sending out some info about the workshop series to develop the piece, Joseph Kohlmaier (director of Musarc) sent back an image with the line: 'A view of the space behind my desk!'

This was such a wonderful surprise I immediately asked him to also record 30 seconds of the sound of that space.

And so this collection came about, with artists contributing an image and a recording from their work spaces. Spaces that are rarely encountered by anyone but the artists themselves.

This is a growing on-line collection which gives tiny, tantalizing, sometimes near in-audible sonic glimpses into these spaces and places of creating, making and thinking.

Part of Brighton Dome's earsthetic.

Headphones recommended Some of the artists' spaces are very quiet and still, so you might want to use headphones.

Hans Lo

Hans Lo Desk

© 2014 Hans Lo


Zimoun Desk

© 2014 Zimoun

Leo Chadburn

Leo Chadburn Desk

© 2013 Leo Chadburn

John Lely

John Lely Desk

© 2013 John Lely

Headphones recommended

James Weeks

James Weeks Desk

© 2013 James Weeks

Headphones recommended

Elaine Mitchener

Elaine Mitchener Desk

© 2013 Elaine Mitchener

Anna Koch

Anna Koch Desk

© 2013 Anna Koch

Dan Ayling

Dan Ayling Desk

© 2013 Dan Ayling 

Headphones recommended

Judith Weir

Judith Weir Desk

© 2013 Judith Weir

Headphones recommended

Angus Carlyle

Angus Calyle Desk

© 2013 Angus Carlyle

Mikhail Karikis

Mikhail Karikis Desk

© 2013 Mikhail Karikis

Colin Matthews

Colin Matthews Desk

© 2013 Colin Matthews

Headphones recommended

Mats Lindström

Mats Lindström Desk

© 2013 Mats Lindström

Annea Lockwood

Annea Lockwood Desk

© 2013 Annea Lockwood

Headphones recommended

Kathy Hinde

Kathy Hinde Desk

© 2013 Kathy Hinde

Headphones recommended

Simon Katan

Simon Katan Desk

© 2013 Simon Katan

Headphones recommended

Heiner Goebbels

Heiner Goebbels Desk

© 2013 Heiner Goebbels