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51.525863 -0.108846
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In the 19th century this area was disreputable for 'rude sports'. These included duck-hunting and bull-baiting. In 1816 there were famous mass meetings against the government culminating in the Spa Field Riots. Now it is peaceful and secluded; it has a warm and spacious acoustic voice. There are insects in the lavender bushes, high buildings and trees creating a shield from traffic noise and the quiet tolling bell of the Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer. The sonic imprint of a place can effect our emotions more than the visual, more than we consciously know. The need to understand things starts to become diffuse when concentrating on the sound. There is a modern park-keeper's office which looks like a strange vessel next to the cornfield meadow while the church looms on the perimeter of the park. I see someone has expressed online worry about ASBOs as the evening draws in, but I've not heard any group of humans raise their voices.

© 2013 Olly Coates